Our Story

Sahara was created when Annabel, our founder went to India after completing her Yoga Teacher Training and fell in love with the vibrant jewellery there. She became frustrated with the poor quality, as beautiful as the designs were. She returned back to Australia and became obsessed with creating her own jewellery, then for family and friends and eventually having her first market stall at Kiribilli Markets in May 2019. After this market stall she travelled to Spain, Portugal and Greece and fell further in love with the art of jewellery design. Sahara Jewellery was launched online in August 2019.

We are passionate about creating jewellery that inspires you to invest in self care. To buy gifts for yourself, just because. We believe there is nothing more empowering than adorning yourself in beautiful jewellery.


At Sahara, we are committed to creating high quality jewellery that lasts. Our gold filled pieces are tarnish-free and with proper care can be enjoyed for up to 30 years! With our jewellery you are closing the cycle of fast fashion jewellery, which can tarnish or break after only a few wears. 


Sahara is passionate & dedicated to leaving only beautiful jewellery behind, therefore we only use 100% biodegradable mailer bags for all orders. Our cards, tissue paper and mailer boxes are made from recycled materials and recyclable. For all international orders, we use DHL who are committed to offset greenhouse gas emissions through their Climate Neutral delivery service. Wear your new jewellery with pride, knowing you have contributed to a greener future for our earth.